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The Dream



This website can be used by any current or aspiring competitive CrossFit Athletes & is designed to be supplemented with regular wod's at your local CrossFit Affiliate. 

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Two different concepts to wrap your head around:

  1. CrossFittm for fitness and every day life - Increasing work capacity across broad modal time domains. Eg, being better at living your life as you never know what it will throw at you!
  2. The Sport of Fitnesstm - CrossFittm. Finding the fittest on earth, for big ass trophies, wods of cash and glory that will last a life time! Well beyond what the norm would do. Pushing your body to the limit. 

If Concept number 2 sounds like what your all about then the HYPERFIT PROJECT is for you!

Hyperfit Project will be providing this website FREE of charge all you have to do is: register for FREE Access to the Daily WOD. 
If you would like more specific wod programming, coaching, feedback and technique analysis visit the coaching page for more info.

Feel free to have a look around the site and check out the info pages as they will cove most of your questions (there is no such thing as a dumb question unless it's already been asked & answered).

If you have any feedback or questions along the way, let us know